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  • Steel Straight Wall

    Steel Straight Wall

    The Steel Truss Straight Wall buildings of OTB are unlike our other arch style buildings. The perfect option for those who need extra center and sidewall height in their building.

  • P-Model


    Known as our most visually appealing arch style building, the P-Model offers a variety of options for use with its clear span design.

  • S-Model


    By far OTB’s most popular model, the S-Model steel building offers you a variety of options in sizes due to its multiple radius and varying centre heights.

  • A-Model


    Shaped like an A, the A-Model was designed for the harsh climate of Canada. The sturdiest option of all OTB’s steel buildings.

  • Q-Model


    Highly popular, the Q-Model steel structure is perfect for the individual looking to build an arch style building economically. A primary choice for many farmers and truckers.

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Exclusive Steel Building Features

Steel buildings are a popular choice worldwide. Steel offers beneficial features that no other product on today’s building market can offer. Learn more below about the key elements that make our steel buildings so unique.


Much to our clients’ surprise, steel is an affordable solution for building. It is cost effective, easy to install, provides greater use of space, and can be customized without hassle.

  • Clear span interiors offer 100% usable space for your money!
  • Cost to manufacture is low resulting in pass through savings to you
  • Cost to construct is lowered because you can do it yourself
  • Fire resistant (no wood), lowering your fire insurance costs
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Can easily insulate the structure
  • Galvalume coating protects the building from rust perforation and the interior from becoming overheated from the sun
  • Should you need to install electrical wiring, air conditioning, plumbing, and so on, contractors have an easier time with mechanical equipment distribution working within these buildings, resulting in more efficient installation…and better value for you


Because of the strength of steel, our steel buildings are incredibly durable, withstanding the test of time. Having gone through rigorous testing, your steel building can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it!

  • Designed to withstand the North American harsh and ever changing climate
  • Built to withstand heavy snow fall, thunderstorms, as well as strong, hurricane type winds and hail
  • Variety of building styles help dictate which style will work best in your environment / climate (e.g. high winds vs. heavy snow loads)
  • Engineered to last with rust-through perforation prevention and paint warranties against peeling, flaking, and loss of adhesion
  • Made from heavy-duty steel, our buildings are rugged, durable and maintenance free.
  • Designed and made in North America using the best commercial steel available

From workshops to community halls to heavy machine factories, horse stables, airplane hangers and more, our steel buildings are known for being adaptable to any type of use. Anything you can think of, we can help you build.

  • Commercial, industrial, residential, farm, agricultural, even retail, steel buildings have a versatility unlike anything else
  • Built for multiple climates – able to withstand high winds, heavy snow, heat, rain and hail
  • Can use your building for multiple purposes over the year
  • Without interior columns, allowing for open area, you have the entire space to work with
  • Ability to insulate, add ventilation, skylights, heating and air condition ducts, you are not limited in options


OTB Steel is truly the best. Steel is the perfect building solution as it is easy to construct and manufacture, removes a lot of hazards that other materials have (e.g. fire, expansion and contraction, mold, warpage, high maintenance), and still remains aesthetically pleasing.

  • Requires less labour to assemble, bringing down construction costs
  • All buildings come with an easy to follow assembly manual. They’re easy to erect and no space robbing poles or beams get in the way
  • Allows for large open space without any load bearing columns to work around
  • Is vermin and insect proof
  • Is fire resistant, lowering safety hazards, as well as insurance costs
  • OTB provides stamped engineered blueprint drawings indicating your design meets your province’s building codes
  • No rot or warping concerns means less maintenance and upkeep
  • Simply build it and forget it!