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Experience Superior Quality; Experience OTB Steel Buildings

Why steel buildings? Because steel brings simplicity with stability, innovation to the everyday, and economic savings with grand opportunity. Steel buildings allow you to dream, design, and experience advantages that other materials simply don’t allow.

With OTB Steel Buildings, you have access to additional benefits, including DIY buildings for easy installation, the ability to construct large commercial buildings, and access to accessories to enhance your steel building…not to mention our expertise.


DIY Steel Buildings

Helping you to efficiently erect your arch and smaller truss style steel buildings, OTB includes a user-friendly installation manual with all our kits, ensuring that  your building is setup with maximum usable space.

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Large Commercial Buildings

With our steel building product line, no requirement is too complex. For industrial, institutional, and commercial construction projects, we can ensure that your vision finds the perfect design and building style.

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Construction Services

Our construction company is family owned, incorporated in 1964, and recognizes the unique requirements of each of our customers regardless of the project size or complexity.

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