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Building Prices Determined By Your Needs

Every OTB steel building is designed around your unique needs. Meaning, your price becomes determined by these needs. To develop a TRUE cost estimate for your steel building, we take the time to understand your ideas and specific factors that will affect your building fees. By doing this, we are able to provide you with a proper estimate based on your specific building project and budget.

Size Of building

The width, height, length and shape, will not just help determine the cost of your project, but the type of building you will require as well.

Location Of building

Each province has their own building codes to adhere by, along with permits and zoning issues, which are building site specific. These affect your individual pricing. In addition, where you are located in relation to our manufacturing facilities will also impact the cost of delivery.

Surrounding Environment

Factors relating to various environmental issues will affect the cost of your building as well. For instance, a steel building in a heavy snow load environment will have different considerations than those that are in a low snow load environment.

Building Features

This considers if you are having cranes, windows, door types, insulation, a mezzanine,  and other unique features for your building. Each feature will alter your price, but allow for a better understanding of what your final cost might be.

The best way to determine a true project price estimate is to speak with the OTB team about your specific needs.

For your own personalized project estimate, simply request a quote, or contact us at 587-387-2512.  “Ask about our current SALE PRICES on all standard models and sizes!” Fabrication to Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks. Deposit holds price till spring.


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