Garages & Workshops

With the option of building a sizable, yet sturdy steel building, OTB offers the solution for your personal or business garage or individual workshop/storage area. Offering protection from Mother Nature, while still providing open space for your storage, you will be able to move equipment around without hassle, add ventilation to circulate the air, insulation, electrical, [...]


Perfect for freestanding retail outlets, showrooms, manufacturing and warehousing, office spaces, and dealerships, steel buildings are a cost-effective maintenance free alternative for creating your commercial space. With our superior steel, economics and design, your space and inside inventory will remain safe, while your exterior will be aesthetically pleasing, drawing customers in. Get A Quote

Leisure & Recreational

Whether creating an equestrian arena, community hall, sports arena, or storage for your recreational vehicles (boats, sports cars, even airplanes), OTB’s Steel Buildings offer protection from the elements, creating a space that you can enjoy being in. With the addition of electrical wiring, insulation, natural lighting, heating and air conditioning, you can make your building [...]


Extremely popular within the agricultural industry, OTB’s versatile steel buildings are used for a variety of farming solutions. From grain, crop and hay storage, to horse and livestock barns, and farm equipment storage to repair shops, our steel buildings are the perfect affordable investment for today’s agricultural industry. Is your grain storage a basket case? [...]

Residential & Storage

Able to add electrical wiring, natural lighting, insulation, heat and air conditioning, ventilation, and so much more, you can easily turn your OTB steel structure into a residential or storage “application” on your property. With options to customize colour, your endwalls, and interior, you have unlimited design options to turn this into a comfortable building solution. [...]


Ideal for any industrial application from metal fabrication workshops to machine maintenance shops, and industrial warehousing, the clear span engineering of our buildings allow you to construct a sizeable building with cranes and mezzanines, without worrying about lost space. Sturdy on the outside, spacious on the inside, perfect for industry. Get A Quote