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OTB Steel Buildings Has Your Answer

An answer that promises you 38+ years of experience at all levels of the metal building industry across Canada. An answer of working with Only The Best companies to see you find the building that suits your needs.

From sales to management, to factory ownership, you’ll have the benefit of talking directly to OTB’s leadership, and when you do, you’ll find honesty, knowledge, responsiveness, reliability and trust. Building takes a unique understanding of your environment, government requirements and codes, and ability of each building style. OTB shares this knowledge for your benefit without high pressure sales tactics.

That’s all.
That’s our promise to you.

Get to Know Our Leader, Jim Bird

Heading the OTB Steel Buildings’ team is Jim Bird, a seasoned veteran of the steel building industry.  Jim leads OTB by working with Only The Best companies – only the best product manufacturers, only the best construction company, simply only the best.

For Jim, OTB is about bringing knowledge, honesty, and trust to you, helping you to make an informed decision. Because of Jim’s extensive background, he brings a unique understanding of the industry, not just in design, but with all aspects including governmental requirements and codes, and environmental concerns. He takes the time to understand why you are in need of a building and guides you through which product best suits your specific need and environment…all while ensuring everything is in line with your province’s building codes!

Use Jim’s knowledge and experience to your advantage, no matter your project size or complexity. Request a quote for your steel building!

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