DIY Steel Buildings

Your Unique Building, Our Easy Building Solution

You’re steel building may be unique, but that doesn’t mean putting it together has to be difficult.

OTB Steel Buildings ensures that you receive all the materials you need in one simple shipment. Guiding you through set up, you will easily erect your steel building, while maximizing your usable space while minimizing your financial impact.

Other benefits include:

  • If you can put a bolt in a hole, you’ll be fine in putting together your building
  • The construction manual is easy to follow, providing step-by-step instructions
  • Your package comes with a specific set of drawings as to what your building will look like at each step
  • Great customer service support; access through a toll-free line direct to the manufacturer
  • Guidance in selecting an economical foundation design that suits you and your needs
  • Easy to attach endwalls, whether using our design, or your own custom design
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