Offering Flexibility in Height, Design, and Use

The Steel Straight Wall buildings of OTB are available with pitched, flat and mono roof slopes.

The perfect option for those who need extra center and sidewall height, side entrances and crane support in their building.

We specialize in engineered lightweight clear span high strength steel structures, offering economical super strong steel frame designed buildings.

Easier to assemble, saving time and money while still providing plenty of useable space within.

Steel Straight Wall Features

  • Variety of sizes available, design options and ideas are endless
  • Column free interiors offer large interior space, up to 300ft wide
  • Various frame designs for maximum flexibility and functional layouts
  • Second floor/mezzanine support beams and decking available
  • Combines steel structural material with virtually any exterior finish
  • Ability to create an energy efficient building
  • Can be customized to specifically suit your needs
  • 30 colours plus 5 premium colours with various finishes to choose from

Popular Straight Wall Design Ideas

  • Garages and workshops
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Factories and retail outlets
  • Aviation – hangars, storage, and maintenance shops
  • Trucking  – truck storage, repairs and maintenance
  • Churches, lecture halls and arenas
  • Farms –equipment storage, repair shop, hay and livestock
  • Horses, barns and equestrian arenas
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